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M14 Intelligence expertise in the emerging automotive technology space provides solutions for business, government, and finance institutions. We help our customers identify, analyze, and strategies the impact of disruptions in the autonomous, connected, electric, and shared mobility ecosystem.

About Us

M14 Intelligence is the most trusted partner to majority of leading businesses in the automotive ecosystem for the critical decision making information. M14’s ACES market monitor and tracker is designed to assist our customers with exhaustive analysis on the autonomous, connected, electric, and shared mobility ecosystem.

Our Solutions

ACES helps you navigate the emerging space of autonomous, connected, electric, and shared mobility. Our industry tracker portal assist you in identifying the sales demand, market size, market share, enabling technologies, strategic partnerships, investment & funding, regulations, and suppliers mapping. The database covers more than 3,000+ vehicle models, 10,000+ component suppliers, and 100 OEMs worldwide

Our Reports solutions provides annual editions of industry specific research studies with exhaustive analysis of the markets, suppliers, OEMs, technologies, and industry strategic developments. The reports are off-shelf research studies that caters to every player in the automotive supply chain. Our research reports are outcome of 12 months of desk research and yearly 3000+ interviews.

Under our consulting solution umbrella, our research experts in the autonomous, connected, electric, and share mobility ecosystem answers all your pressing questions defining the strategy of your business in coming years. We assisted numerous companies in the automotive ecosystem to develop precise strategies using our analysis database

Our slogan – we focus on building relationship and not revenue!

M14 Intelligence offers wide range of research services such as off-shelf market research reports, consulting services, competition assessment, strategic benchmarking, startup research, and patent research. Our expert team of industry analysts and SMEs allows us to serve all the stakeholders in any market, right from the suppliers to OEMs and Tier 1s. We are well-known in the industry for our quality work, timeliness of delivering projects, and precise market information.

  • Rapidity  – We are recognized for our quick response to client’s query. No match to anyone in the industry. We guarantee fast delivery of research services for your immediate needs.
  • Accuracy – Precise insights and statistical data is what we deliver to our customers.
  • Quality  – Delivering highest quality data and exclusive information is of prime importance to us. We believe in the quality that satisfies our client.

M14 Intelligence

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The success of our customers – our success! We help our customers to identify, understand, analyze, sustain, and grow in the age of technological disruption

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It is impossible to imagine a future without the predicted close relationships with reliable partners. M14 Intelligence cooperates with many reseller companies from around the world. We are constantly adding new resellers in our portfolio.

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M14 Intelligence with its dedicated experience in emerging technologies market research is constantly evolving and becoming more aware. We desire to become better by constantly yielding results in the form of client recognition and appreciation. More than 80% of our clients in their feedback appreciated our research activities across different technological and industry oriented research.

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If you are from another country, our lawyers will help you to draw up the documents and obtain all necessary permits to obtain a work visa. We provide advice on the list of necessary documents, taking into account the type of visa and the individual characteristics.

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Therefore, knowing this fact, M14 Intelligence takes maximum care of its staff. We provide additional training, insurance, compensation, etc. It pays a lot of attention in the direction of continuous training of our staff. Specialized courses, lectures and seminars provide an opportunity to improve their professional level. Special packages of health insurance and food. We are doing everything possible, to make your career comfortable and efficient.

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We make sure our employees are socially and financially secured in all possible manner.
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After a period of work in our company, your professional level increase significantly. We constantly carry out specialized training of our staff.
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Job List

Position Department Qualification Date
Principal Analyst ACES Division Experience minimum 7 years with degree in Engineering 11-06-2021
Business Consultant - US Operations ACES Division Experience minimum of 5 years with degree in Management 04-06-2021
Graphics and UX Designer Design and Development Experience minimum of 3 years with relevant design degree and certification 07-06-2021
VP, Growth and Monetization Business Development Experience – 7 years 01-06-2021
Primary Interview Specialist Primary Research - ACES Division Experience minimum of 4 years 02-06-2021
Digital Marketing Manager Marketing Division - ACES Experience minimum of 2 years 28-05-2021
Management Trainee (10 positions) ACES Division Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Masters (preferred) 20-05-2021

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