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Employing robots in agriculture – Is there a potential market?

By Swapnil Nanir ¤ Jun 2021

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Autonomous Vehicles in Logistics Industry (First, Middle and Last Mile)- Edition 2023

Autonomous Highway Trucks, Autonomous On-Road Vehicles, Sidewalk Robots/Droid, Market Penetration & Sales Demand, Consumer Analysis, Sensor Content (...

Key Highlights :

What is the current status of Autonomous Vehicles in Logistics industry? What growth potential does this technology holds in coming 5 to 10 y...

Last update : 04 Apr 2023

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Autonomous Mobile Robots (Hardware and Software) Market in Warehousing Industry- Edition 2023

Inventory Transportation Robots, Picking Robots, Sortation Robots, Collaborative Robots, And Drones; Market Penetration & Sales Demand; Market By Busi...

Key Highlights :

What is the current status of Autonomous Mobile Robots in warehousing industry? What growth potential does this technology holds in coming 5 t...

Last update : 15 Mar 2023

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4D Imaging Radar in Autonomous Vehicles – Industry, Market, and Competition Analysis

In-cabin and Exterior Sensing Applications of 4D imaging radar in ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles; Emerging 4D imaging players competition assessment

Key Highlights :

What are the major regulatory trends forcing towards adoption of 4D imaging radar?  How radar sensor in the ADAS and autonomous vehicles indus...

Last update : 10 Aug 2021

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In-cabin 3D Sensing: Market, Competition, Technology, 2021-2030

Active Driver monitoring and Occupant Monitoring System using NIR camera and mmW Radar; in-cabin 3D sensing market for ADAS and autonomous vehicles; O...

Key Highlights :

Which OEM brands, car models (trim wise) are equipped with active driver monitoring and occupant monitoring system ? And what are their sales vo...

Last update : 22 Feb 2021

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Autonomous Agriculture Robots and AI – Markets, Applications, and Competition, 2021-2030

Future of AI powered autonomous precision farming using agriculture robots; RaaS vs equipment sales; driverless tractors; computer vision image recogn...

Key Highlights :

What is the historic and current market penetration of automation in agriculture? And how it is expected to change in mid-term and long-term?  ...

Last update : 02 Jun 2021

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Warehouse Automation - Robots, Technologies, and Solutions Market, 2021 - 2030

Mobile Robots, Sensing, Mapping and Localization Technologies, and Warehouse Automation Solutions Market Analysis, Forecast, and Automation Industry A...

Key Highlights :

How the warehouse automation industry transforming? What is the total addressable market for the automation companies and technology companies? Wh...

Last update : 21 Apr 2021

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Container Terminal Automated Equipment and Technologies Market, Edition 2021

Container Terminal Automated Equipment, Sensing Technologies, Automation Solutions, and Services Market Analysis and Forecast, Company Assessment, Ind...

Key Highlights :

·       How the port and container terminal automation industry transforming? ·       What is the total addr...

Last update : 09 Apr 2021

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LiDAR Technologies and Applications Market Forecast, Edition 2021

Analysis of 150+ LiDAR companies and total addressable market in the field on ADAS, AVs, Robotaxis, Shuttles, Pods, Construction & Mining, Ports & Con...

Key Highlights :

·       Automation in which industries to bring immense opportunities for the companies in the LiDAR ecosystem? ·    &...

Last update : 06 Apr 2021

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ADAS and Autonomous Driving LiDAR Technology Market, Edition 2020

Estimated automotive-grade LiDAR mass production timelines, expected pricing at high-volumes, & preferred technology by the leading OEM-Tier1-LiDAR su...

Key Highlights :

Will integration of LiDAR sensors be limited to only level 3 and above autonomous vehicles or it will also be part of ADAS sensor suite ?  Wh...

Last update : 14 Oct 2020

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ADAS and AV Data Annotation Applications Market, Edition 2020

ADAS and AV development, testing, verification, and validation with Image, Video, Data Annotation, Ground Truth Labelling, Automation Software and Man...

Key Highlights :

How is data annotation impacting the autonomous and connected mobility? Which are the major techniques and tools for data annotation? Where is the...

Last update : 14 Jul 2020

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Why is in-cabin 3D sensing gaining high demand in the AV industry?

In-cabin 3D sensing camera market analysis- 3D sensing and imaging technologies, applications, emerging trends, sensors, illumination, 3D sensor module, optics, 3D system design

1. What is the 3D sensing camera penetration rate in automotive industry?
2. Analysis of OEMs car models that incorporated DMS & gesture recognition technology 
3. Active Stereo Vision, Structured Light, and TOF technology analysis
4. Who suppliers whom- OEM partners for 3D sensing modules/sensors/illumination/3D system design/software
5. Who is leading and who is following? Who are the leaders in the 3D sensing camera technology?
6. 3D sensing camera module components shipments and demand

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What is the demand for machine learning (ML) training data in AV industry?

The demand analysis of annotation and data labelling for autonomous vehicles

1. Outsourcing of annotation data vs in-house   
2. What are the factors pushing the need for data annotation in autonomous vehicle industry?
3. Which are the major techniques and tools for data annotation? 
4. How are the AV industry preferences- manual ground truth vs automation software tools?
5. Data annotation and labelling solutions: Who supplies whom?
6. How is the competition between the different annotation players? 
7. Which new entrants acquiring the market share? And What challenges they are facing?
8. Where is the market concentrated (in terms of value) - manual ground-truth labelling or automatic/software?
9. Pricing analysis of data annotation/ labelling
10. Analysis on data annotation tools- Semantic Segmentation, 2D/ 3D bounding boxes, Cuboid annotation, Landmark annotation, Text/ Linguistic annotation, Polygon and polyline annotation, Audio annotation, Video annotation 
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Impact of COVID-19 on investments in autonomous driving technology?

Monthly report on funding raised by start-ups and tech companies in the autonomous vehicle space

  • Amount of investments raised by AV tech companies and start-ups
  • The trends of funding received this year compared to last year
  • Fundraising analysis- inclination towards technologies such as LiDAR, AI, computer vision, virtual simulation, ride hailing, and others

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Which auto OEMs and new AV tech players will lead the AV development race

A helicopter view on more than 80 OEM brands, AV Tech Players, and Tier 1 Suppliers to identify and anticipate the future leaders of the AV development race

  • What is the current status of vehicle automation in passenger and commercial vehicles industry?
  • When will we see true autonomous driving on roads?
  • Which companies will be the first to enter volume production of AVs?
  • What are the different ways in which OEMs, Tier 1s, and new AV tech players going to monetize autonomous driving?
  • What are the communicated time-to-market by the leading OEMs and tech companies?
  • When is level 3 AVs expected on North American roads?
  • How are the regulatory frameworks being developed across major automotive markets?
  • What is the status of Chinese AV industry developments? And how are the Chinese OEMs, tech players, and Tier 1s approaching autonomy?
  • Which markets are expected to drive the demand for AVs?
  • How will autonomy be introduced first in robotaxis, shuttles, pods, and autonomous delivery vehicles?
  • Which markets are expected to have highest market penetration of autonomy?
  • How is autonomy being developed in commercial vehicles industry?
  • Who are the leading players in robotic vehicles ecosystem, ADAS passenger vehicles ecosystem, and ADAS commercial vehicles ecosystem?
  • How is the market penetration of different levels of autonomy change in major economies?
  • What is the projected sales demand for all the levels of autonomy in major automotive markets?
  • At what AV development stage are the leading OEMs and AV tech players?
  • When will level 4 autonomy be introduced in private vehicles?
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What is the communicated time-to-market for Autonomous Vehicles by OEM?

The timeline and roadmap of level 3+ autonomous passenger cars and commercial vehicles of all the leading OEMs

This includes-
1.     Expected launch timeline of SAE Level 3, 4 and 5 PC and CV models and trim-levels
2.     Focus on level of automation and ADAS functions
3.     Fleet/number of AVs expected to be launched in the market
4.     Autonomy package cost for every OEM
5.     Partnerships or collaborations or JV under which the Highly Autonomous Vehicles (HAV) are going to be launched
6.     Test miles covered by the OEMs 
7.     Data on 70+ OEMs 
8.     Delivery vehicles, shuttles, pods, truck platooning, and shared cabs are covered

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